Campaign of peeled and fresh tomatoes for consumption has started.

At the O.P. Agrogens of Crotone is about to begin the campaign tomato type long (to be peeled) and round (for fresh consumption).


Aldo Luciano, commercial manager of the OP, told FreshPlaza: “We transplanted the tomato for fresh consumption in June. This product is intended to major supermarket chains both Italian and foreign. For about five years we had not added more cultivation, because profit margins then nonexistent. Later, we realized the possibility of good market opportunities; This gave us the incentive to continue to grow it again. “


The type long destined to bald is a variety of home Monsanto seed, marketed under the brand Seminis, already worked for several years and established over time: it is tomato Docet having as strengths of its extreme tightness and quality.
“The amount provided for the collection of type long are about 5,000 tons, even for the round will reach the same volume. The collection will continue until the first week of October for both types, considering an average of temperatures not very high. ”
The packaging of the product, which has a high standard of quality, will be made in plastic crates or wood or, on request, in the trunk of polypropylene (outstanding final visual and commercial). “The latter – concludes Luciano – will have an average weight of about 2-3 kg, while for the packaging in plastic or wood the weight will be about 14-15 kg.”


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