We introduce for the first time in Berlin with Capo Rizzuto’s Fennel.

The cooperative society Agrogens, recognized as producer organization (PO) in 1991, is headquartered in Crotone, in Calabria, and counts 70 members and a distribution area of about 6,000 hectares. The area of cultivation has a unique microclimate and soil and climatic conditions, with a great production potential.
The main products grown by O.P. are: fennel, endive, escarole, sugar loaf, Iceberg lettuce, radicchio, recently even spinach. In small amounts are also produced some citrus varieties.


The Agrogens has a chilled structure of 1,000 square meters, with adjoining cold rooms (some with technology of vacuum cooling). It also has certifications (including that GlobalGAP) for services in worldwide distribution.
Participating for the first time at Fruit Logistica, Agrogens aims to make his mark. “We will present the Capo Rizzuto’s Fennel, the excellence of the territory that we aim to promote internationally,” says Aldo Luciano, commercial manager of the OP


Aldo Luciano, commercial manager of Agrogens, proudly displays the “Capo Rizzuto’ Fennel”, which will be presented at Fruit Logistica 2013. The company slogan is “We serve like a King”.

Giving an assessment of the 12 months just ended, the manager said: “I think the year 2012 has served to make a natural selection of what is entrepreneurship in general. Those who work professionally in the field probably was able to defend himself or be able to defend themselves, and this also applies to our OP, who has had a rather improvised approach to the sector was obliged to leave the field. ”
For 2013, Agrogens points to the consolidation of those who are programming to put on the market of existing products, hoping for an improvement of the current crisis. “We are planning to lean out to Arab markets, when the volumes for export are directed to England, France and Germany – continues Luciano – Depending on the demand / supply ratio of the programs that we are close to the consumer, then the volumes will determine according to the request from week to week.”


The products are packaged in packaging IFCO, CPR, Polymer. Iceberg lettuce is bagged, so that it has a particular appeal.
For the future, the sales manager is optimistic, because inevitably the food needs are primary. “Our goal is to worry about the health of products, because consumers are paying increasing attention to health aspects, and organoleptic quality of what you eat.”
The most important challenges to be addressed will be those related to logistics. “It ‘s true that we have a production area with special features, but we are a little’ penalized from the location, as we turn out far from the most important markets. The Crotonese must contend with a highway that, at times, it is only so to speak. “


To welcome visitors to the stand in Berlin there will be Aldo Luciano, Agrogens sales manager, and Michael Benincasa, executive OP

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