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O.P. AGROGENS S.C.a R.L. has been present on the national and foreign market for about 20 years with its leading production, the “FENNEL”, which has been producing for years with the AZIENDA AGRICOLA LUCIANO, directly in the establishment of Isola di Capo Rizzuto, in the province of Crotone, a perfect territory for the cultivation of fennel. The land on which the cultivations are carried out gives the finished product unique organoleptic qualities, among which, very appreciated, are the aroma and fragrance.

In February 2016, in order to enhance the value of fennel even more, the companies created the PROMOTOR GROUP FOR I.G.P. CERTIFICATION (Protected Geographical Indication) “FINOCCHIO DI ISOLA CAPO RIZZUTO – CALABRIA”.

O.P AGROGENS S.C.a R.L. and L’AZIENDA AGRICOLA LUCIANO also guarantee the traceability of the fennel, from the seed to the finished product, according to the GLOBAL GAP standard, guaranteeing all the manufacturing processes from the raw product, according to the BRC and IFS standards. Along the entire process of processing and transport, the cold chain is guaranteed so that the product reaches our customers as fresh as possible and without damaging the unique characteristics of the FENNEL.

Great attention is paid to environmental protection. For about 1O years we have been pursuing the path of renewable energy, constantly keeping up with technology through the search for new and increasingly advanced control systems and environmental sustainability. Our Company is registered to the QUALITY AGRICULTURAL NETWORK, with GRASP certification. For this reason, we propose ourselves to new suppliers for the sale of Fennel in the period from November to June.

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