Campaign of vegetables and fennel was clearly positive.

The campaign of adult salad and fennel at the OP Agrogens s.c.a.r.l. was significantly positive for all points of view, both in commercialization and in the product’s quality.


“From early November until just before Christmas the market went very slowly for both the fennel for vegetables, due to various factors (consumption crisis, economic crisis, climate is not too favorable, etc.), also recording some limited loss in the field – explains Michele Benincasa – From early January, however, the market has pulled quite well for 4-5 months abundant; until the end of May there was a trend quite favorable: we collected more product and made good profit margins. For once, we can not complain. ”
Participation at Fruit Logistica, in February 2013, has consolidated the existing commercial relationships and initiated new collaborations, in small part already materialized almost immediately with some sporadic supply. “They are being developed even more extensive contacts during the fair – continues Benincasa – There is a certain interest in our area, mainly due to climatic conditions with fairly mild winters.”

Satchel fennel that has been a great success both at the Fair of Berlin and our clients (large retail).

Satchel fennel that has been a great success both at the Fair of Berlin and our clients (large retail).

Compared to the 2011/12 season, which was not very positive, the situation is much improved. “The seesaw in terms of price, often found in previous campaigns, this time it’s not verified. The market has been fairly constant for at least 5 of the 7-month duration of the campaign – says Benincasa – The average price of fennel at the household level was around 0.90 € to 1.00 €, while for escarole, endive, radicchio, sugar loaf, for both the fresh market and the industry, have sprung up on average from 0.65 € to 0.75 €. ”
In terms of competition from other countries, Benincasa had the feeling that there was much less pressure than other vintages.


On projects in the pipeline, Aldo Luciano, commercial manager of the OP, also added: “We are at this time transplanting tomatoes for fresh consumption, intended to major supermarket chains both Italian and foreign, after a stop for that product by about five years due in profit margins then non-existent. ”
“We sensed the possibility of good market outlets for that product and that gave us the incentive to start again to cultivate ‘a passion’ that this OP had long abandoned, because at the time it was made only for the tomato ‘industry – said Luciano – at present we are also evaluating the transplant of new references, relatively innovative for the area in which we find ourselves, and chosen according to the expectations of our customers historians to completion of the basket of products offered. “

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